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I will be in good company next week when Andrew Fisher interviews me on his Radio show in Philadelphia, can’t wait it should be a great conversation. Stayed tuned for audio on that one.

Update:- Here it is……………


Spiritual & Wellness Fair

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Due to unforeseen circumstances I will only be Attending the *Saturday ONLY *


Come along it should be a fun day with lots of different things all going on at once. I will be in attendance with my very own table, so if you have read my book or wish to purchase  a signed copy for $20 on the day come along. You may wish to have a chat about your very own experiences too, would love to see you all there 🙂

Much Appreciation



To all you lovely people that have bought and read my book, it is with much appreciation that I say Thank You. If you enjoyed the book or could relate in any way with my experiences, could I be so bold as to ask you to leave a review on the Amazon site that you bought it from. If you purchased elsewhere, just go to the applicable Amazon site in your country. Many have written to me and spoken personally, but it looks so lonely without any reviews. Cheers! I appreciate you all.

Free Talk Book Launch “WEIRD” by Dermot Kelly

Dermot Kelly's Wierd


November 26 – November 27

Nov 26 at 12 PM to Nov 27 at 2 PM
Where: Crystal Wave

677 Grange Rd, Grange, South Australia, Australia 5022
Details: Meet Dermot & hear how Dermot’s book “Weird? It’s My Reality Words Can’t explain it” is at first glance an account of how he has lived his spiritual life to the fullest and the lessons learnt. He has stood before many forks in the road that required an enormous leap of faith, and in each case he has chosen wisely. Dermot’s rock solid belief that no matter how hard life gets, he has the unshakeable belief, that if he maintains a positive outlook and honour’s the spiritual truths, that there will always be a solution. As it is with anyone who delves into mystical truths, there are times in his story where the reader may pause and question whether such things are true. That is how it should be, but remember every person’s personal account where anything stated stretches the boundaries, always comes down to whether it is true or false. Knowing that there is no laboratory, test tube or device to validate, it all comes down to character and integrity of the person making the claim. In that respect Dermot stands securely on the top pedestal, to lie or embellish tales from the divine is something Dermot is utterly incapable of. That is an iron clad certainty, as he will never fabricate while the Spirits are in attendance. However, this is not a tale of a holy saint enlightened before birth, Dermot certainly partied hard as a young man, and grew up in an area where incomes were and still are low, and nothing came easy. He had many chances to move on but stayed, and this is what separates him from most others. If curious as to how he could manage to be eternally positive in such depressing and uncertain times, I could think of no better solution than to read his book.
20 Seats available Please book your seat by calling Crystal Wave 82351817