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In conclusion I would like to say that I am in no way an expert in any field of the unusual, UFO, Regressions, Exopolitics and the like. I will however claim to have had an extreme amount of experiences throughout my life that I tried so hard to prove wrong, and dispel any rational thoughts and logic that I may have had. It was simply an enormous task to blame everything on coincidence or chance. I felt that I had to justify myself each and every day, and of course this had to stop. So I took it upon myself to research long and hard for many years, until I plucked up enough courage to ask people for help. I would connect with like minded souls from all over the world through the internet, even though we could never meet in person, it always felt like old souls reuniting once again. Many people around the world, independent of me and my circle of online friends would say the same thing. I found that to be very inspiring as well as magical, as if by coincidence, but as we now know it was always meant to be. We would all at times have our individual struggles in life but we always knew that it would pass, as we always felt that we were being helped by spirit.

Unless you have experienced it, it would be difficult to understand but you can literally talk to one another about anything, no matter how weird or intriguing. No one batted an eyelid, we just accepted others truth and found that we had similar experiences.

I always felt completely at ease with such people and would love to thank them once again for just being there. Without their unwavering support, no matter how small, it will always be cherished. Of course this has inspired me to jot down as much as I could remember and I am sure that there is much more that for now I have forgot. It doesn’t really matter because as you can see, I have covered many different aspects of what I have experienced. It covers quite a spectrum and I am sure will spark a few conversations around this lovely planet of ours.

Just recently, another synchronicity happened for me when a young workmate suggested that I watch a new movie that just came out called “Arrival” He had heard me talk many times at work about various experiences that I have had. Without giving anything away, my son and I went to see the movie, and we both loved it for very different reasons. In the movie there was an Astro Physicist, which my son took to as he is currently studying at university to be just that himself. As for me, I could relate to the other scientist and her experiences as she was empathic. It felt that we were both guided to see this movie and I am really glad we did. The one thing that has always puzzled me about humans is that they don’t share easily and are always ready to fight and keep secrets all the time. This movie exposed just that and the message I got loud and clear, was that we need to share what we know and find out, and stop this nonsense called war.

Have we not learnt anything about our history? Surely, we as a race in this cosmos can grow up and mature just enough so that we can meet up with our star brothers and sisters. I am sure they would welcome us with open arms, and then just watch the technology and development grow very rapidly.

Are you aware that we are the only planet in the cosmos that uses a monetary system? Is it any wonder that we have greed, need, destruction, development………well you get the picture. For every winner there is a loser, it doesn’t sound very fair to me.

I hope you have enjoyed my ranting, raving and sharing of life’s mysteries from my personal experience. Maybe you can relate to some yourself. Until we meet again………..NAMASTE’