steven and evan

Dermot Kelly is a one-off we have never met anyone else quite like him. This book is at first glance an autobiographical account of how Dermot has lived his life and the lessons learnt. But it is much more than that, Dermot has stood before many forks in the road, many required an enormous leap of faith, and in each case he has chosen wisely. Make no mistake many of us face similar choices, and often, let caution, the opinions of others or social restrictions blind or mislead. That has not happened in Dermot’s case. Throughout this incarnation he has held fast to a path that all humans have been invited to walk. The how’s, whys and people that make up this journey towards the light are a fascinating and revealing account of a man we greatly admire.
What never ceases to amaze us is Dermot’s rock solid belief that no matter how bad the prospects and stormy the clouds ahead, he has this unshakable belief that if he maintains a positive outlook and honour’s the spiritual truths, that there will be a solution. And time after time just at the last minute, and occasionally nanosecond, it always comes to pass, his optimism is well founded.
As it is with anyone who delves within seeking mystical truths and foundations, there are times in Dermot’s story where the reader may pause and question whether such things are true. That is as it should be, but remember every person’s personal account where anything stated stretches boundaries, always comes down to a 50/50 call, it must be either truth or fiction. Knowing there is no laboratory, test tube or device to validate, it all comes down to character and integrity of the person making the claim.
In that respect Dermot stands securely on the top pedestal, to lie or embellish tales from the Divine is something Dermot is utterly incapable of. That is an iron-clad certainty, this man will never fabricate while the Spirits are in attendance. However, I must point out, this is not a tale of a holy saint enlightened before birth, Dermot certainly partied hard as a young man and grew up in an area where incomes were, and still are, low. Nothing came easy, but that is the real gem in this narrative, he had so many chances to walk away and be ‘normal’ then, play the game and perhaps increase his income.
It never happened, Dermot kept his head in the clouds looking past the horizon. To this day whenever I think of Dermot I can only see him smiling, every image always has as its central motif those huge white teeth wrapped around a permanent grin. That is what separates Dermot from anyone else I know, if curious as to how he could manage to be eternally positive in such depressing and uncertain times, I could think of no better solution than to read his book.
Steven Strong


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