Once again a huge Thank You to Mary who was kind enough to do a Book review for my book “WEIRD A REALITY THAT WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN”


Mary Rodwell‘s new book is now available on
Mary is a co-founder of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, or FREE.
THE NEW HUMAN: AWAKENING TO OUR COSMIC HERITAGE. This book is not only about the Ufological Phenomenon but has a far broader mandate. The witness testimonies suggest there are complex, multilayered, numerous, orchestrated programs and strategies to instigate and ‘trigger’ an evolutionary shift in human consciousness through a collaboration of numerous non human intelligence. Witness Testimony suggests some programs are meant to activate dormant DNA and for us to access our full multi-dimensional potential and realize our true Cosmic heritage. The data in the New Human supports what we are discovering through our surveys with Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation, which is that this phenomenon is more about transformation and a shift in human consciousness.
This book explores the following:
* The 3D reality dysfunction.
*The evidence that some of our new generations of children appears to be very different and appears to suggest due to their interactions with non -human ‘intelligences.
* How to recognize the differences and how to support the children both holistically and educationally.
*The hybrid phenomenon and how it’s understood by those who label themselves this way.
* What may be occurring through the more unusual Expressions of Contact, downloading of unusual scripts, art work, light/star languages, music and how this is connected to the multidimensional nature of human DNA and human consciousness.
* Mysterious DNA A designed species, the evidence.
* Disclosure from the ground up. The ‘coming out’ of the ‘space closet ‘ of professionals, Molecular Biologist, Medical Doctor and Ministers of religion who have all be changed, transformed by their extraterrestrial encounters.
*The myriad of ways we are being contacted, and communicated with, such as NDE experiences. OBE ‘s and Shamanic journeys, etc.
* The Truth Embargo and secret programs. What the children and adults know.
* How these interactions challenge all our core beliefs and in doing so help to shift us into a far broader multidimensional perspective to finally understand our connection to our cosmic ancestry.
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