Book Review

mary rodwell

“A fascinating account of how Extraterrestrial Contact and how this phenomenon affects people’s lives and reality in so many extraordinary ways. Dermot shares with great honesty how these experiences have challenged him on multiple levels. It takes courage, to own this is happening to you in a world where most of the public struggle to even believe the UFO phenomenon is real, let alone admit to interactions with non-human intelligences. In my research over my 20+ years of research, also echo the same patterns of experiences. The most astonishing is how this experience creates an awakening of an individual’s multidimensional awareness, telepathic abilities, astral travelling and even recall of past lives. They find they can even, perceive Ghosts and Spirits as well as extraterrestrial beings. This includes sensitivity to all life, and deep connection to animals and all living creatures. Dermot Kelly encapsulates the transformation that occurs after Contact, in his compelling book. A must read for those ready to wake up.”

Mary Rodwell.
Counsel, Hypnotherapist, Researcher and International speaker. Author of Awakening (2002) and The New Human.(2016) Principal of ACERN, Co-founder of FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.)


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