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About us  Who Is Matbre Publishing?

Welcome to Matbre Publishing, we are here to help you bring your ideas into print, so that you can realise your dream. Our philosophy that “One person Can make a difference, so make it you” is what sets us apart from everyone else. Maybe you wish to do your family history, for future generations to appreciate. You may wish to record special moments in time and the history of your sports club. You could very well be the next writer that inspires another generation. Whatever your project, let us help you get it ready for publishing. It is the least we can do to help our fellow writers, historians or creative people of all ages.

Matbre Publishing started in February of 2017 when Dermot Kelly the founder, was talking with his publisher at the time Green Hills Publishing in Port Adelaide. Dermot had to register a business name so that he could sell his book overseas with and Lightening Source. Of course he needed an ABN number as well, so after discussion with David at Green Hills, Dermot felt that that it was now or never. Take the plunge and make a difference which reflects our philosophy.

“One person Can make a difference, so make it you”


Jo Macleod’s book “Heaven Help Us”

Whenever Intuitive Empaths realise their true potential to tap into other realms of consciousness, at first it can seem very daunting indeed. However this is when the true magic comes into play, it is if you are guided by spirit guides, which of course is exactly what is happening. For more information here is Jo’s website:-

I would like to share with you all the true story of Jo MacLeod’s book called

“Heaven Help Us”

You can find her book on Amazon here at:-

Star Family Conference



Dermot Kelly will have a stall at our conference, and you will be able to buy his book and maybe get to have a chat with him over morning tea!

From his website…

“Dermot Kelly is an Intuitive Empath, researcher for the truth and family man. Through years of communicating with others from around the world, he is able to provide written documentation of his personal inter-dimensional reality with extraterrestrial contact. His first book is titled “WEIRD” A Reality That Words Can’t Explain. Dermot is very passionate about sharing with great honesty how this Phenomenon affects people’s lives, both positive and negative. It has challenged him on many levels throughout all his life, which has heightened his awareness and abilities. He is dedicated to helping many people share their stories, either publicly or privately so that they don’t have to suffer in silence. Early in his awakening he was interviewed on YouTube by Alfred Lambremont Webre, Dr Sam Mugzzi, Peter Slattery and Justin Wells. He is well respected for his efforts along with Steven and Evan Strong from Forgotten Origin’s sharing Original truths.”

Nature Of Reality Radio

I will be in good company next week when Andrew Fisher interviews me on his Radio show in Philadelphia, can’t wait it should be a great conversation. Stayed tuned for audio on that one.

Update:- Here it is……………

Spiritual & Wellness Fair

Dec ad GG


Due to unforeseen circumstances I will only be Attending the *Saturday ONLY *


Come along it should be a fun day with lots of different things all going on at once. I will be in attendance with my very own table, so if you have read my book or wish to purchase  a signed copy for $20 on the day come along. You may wish to have a chat about your very own experiences too, would love to see you all there 🙂

Much Appreciation



To all you lovely people that have bought and read my book, it is with much appreciation that I say Thank You. If you enjoyed the book or could relate in any way with my experiences, could I be so bold as to ask you to leave a review on the Amazon site that you bought it from. If you purchased elsewhere, just go to the applicable Amazon site in your country. Many have written to me and spoken personally, but it looks so lonely without any reviews. Cheers! I appreciate you all.

Get In Now While The Going Is Good.

Hi everyone, it is almost a year since my book “WEIRD” hit the internet and the world. It has been an interesting journey and I have learnt a lot too. Thank you to all who have purchased and read my book and given me feedback too, it is much appreciated 🙂

As the title says “Get In Now While The Going Is Good” For those who wish to get a copy or who have forgotten to buy one, now is the time to do it. Prices have gone don all over the world. I will post below the links where you can purchase wherever you live.

Australia, Asia and Oceania…………

The America’s………………………………..

Great Britain & Europe………………….

Once again Thank You all and to those that are going to purchase, I hope you enjoy your read. Cheers Everyone

Dermot Kelly


Nereeda McInnes book “The Truth Of Your Reality”

Nereeda is a very bright and bubbly personality, who is not only talented but very creative. Nereeda has worked in the corporate world for 17 years and now runs her own business, as well as writing her first book called “The Truth Of Your Reality”


The Truth of Your Reality - Nereeda McInnes

Nereeda will be interviewing me next week and I shall post it when it becomes available. We will both talking about how our own versions of reality interact, even though our perceptions are very different.

Nereeda’s website is here:-

You can find her book here at:-